Who is The Y.A.N.A. Organization?

The Y.A.N.A. .Organization is a community organization. Like many others, we are here to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE! The difference between us and them is, WE ACTUALLY DO IT! Check out our website and all of the events we have for our community! Feel free to be a part, donate or contribute.


The Mission of The Y.A.N.A. Organization is to Educate, Empower and Encourage every individual to their maximum potential.


Dana Fleming, Founder

The Y.A.N.A. Organization’s commitment to the community is to be intentional in providing the community with resources that maximize your ventures, your life, your challenges and your successes. We are not a favor of person. We are in favor of doing God’s work here on earth. Educate,  Empower and Encourage your path to success. 

A little bit about our Founder. Dana Fleming is an Entrepreneur, a Philanthropist, a Helper, Resourceful and Persistant. All of these words and more describe one of Nashville’s growing Leader. Humble and yet Impactful, Dana has held empowerment events, vision board parties and other events that help empower the whole individual to press forward and make strides toward success. Her favorite   mantra is ”Blessed people Bless others”. This organization is a representation of just that.

As she enters into thd next phase of life in Dallas, Tx., Dana hopes to establish a foundation in Dallas that will take her to the level that allows her to help more and more men, women,  families and children! please join us as we create structure for our communities.


Do you know a single parent family that needs emergency assistance? We may be able to help! Contact us for details.



Our first event of 2019 was our Vision Board Party! Special thank you to De’andria Anderson, Owner of House of Jizel Kids Clothing Store as well as other successful ventures and Mbombo Kazadi, Owner of ScorExcel. These ladies helped us tremendously with our outlook on what we want to do in 2019 and our outlook on credit! So, we truly appreciate them coming out to speak to us! Special thanks to Amanda at The Loading Dock for such an amazing facility! 



Thank you to all the vendors and everyone that participated in making the event such a success!! SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MARINA @ Fabulous You Hair and Nail Salon and our DJ’s of all DJ’s BRAVO THA DJ!! 152 Backpacks and 200 students received school supplies! 


This year 153 kids received backpacks and school supplies thanks to your donations and the support of DJ Bravo and Marina at Nails by Marina/Fabulous You Nail and Hair Salon!! Every year is a blessed year and we hope that next year, we can include YOU!!! SPECIAL THANKS to our vendors for supporting


Santa’s Closet Shopping Expo 2018

We are so greatful for all the vendors and visitors that visited us at the 1st Annual Santa’s Closet Shopping Expo on December 1, 2018. Proceeds go to take care of those in the community that are homeless and in need. Donations are welcome and appreciated. Thanks again for those who support this organization year around. 


Feeding the Multitude 

Thanksgiving Event


So proud to be able to have had a great group of volunteers to help us feed the homeless. We went out into the streets to provide almost 80 meals along with toiletries, hats, gloves and socks to those in need. Special thanks to Nestle Water who sponsored the water donation and SouledOut Catering for the food as well as the clothing and blanket donations received.

United in Health 

Health and Wellness 

Fair 2018

A couple of our vendors from United in Health- Health and Wellness Fair 2018


Thank you to all the Vendors and those who attended the Health Fair! We are already looking forward to 2019! Special shout out to Morgan Park Recreation Center who helped us make the event a success.


Nashville Women's Empowerment Brunch 3/10/2018

2018 Women’s Empowerment Brunch

Special thanks to one of our sponsors Papa Rose’s Sweets


Hope for the Hungry Thanksgiving Lunch 2016

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered (especially volunteers-you rock!!), those who encouraged us, came and got a meal at Hadley Park Gym, those that accepted our gifts and even Hadley Park Community Center Staff... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Next year, we can't wait. #2017



Highlights from 2018 Back to School Bash

The Y.A.N.A. Organization teamed up once again with Fabulous You Hair and Nail Salon to give away 150 backpacks and school supplies! Hot Dogs, Water (thanks to our sponsor Nestle Water) drinks and POP Chips (sponsor) all made the event perfect for the kids! Thanks for all those who played a part, who purchased items for that day!


Back to School Bash 2016!

The Y.A.N.A. Organization was happy to connect August 2016 with Fabulous You Hair and Nail Salon to pass out over 100 backpacks for elementary to high school students. Special THANK YOU to Nestle Water for the generous water donation, Pastor Glen Clay for his participation with the organization and those of you who donated your time, effort and monies in support of this cause! 

Pictures from Back to School Bash 2016

Fun pics from back to school bash


We Welcome Your Donations...

The Y.A.N.A. Organization is always excited to receive charitable donations so that we can further our work in the Nashville communities. For our thankfulness for your donation, you will receive this wonderfully made 100% Cotton Y.A.N.A. Organization short sleeve or long sleeve shirt! Shipped directly to you, with love ❤️🖤. Your donations can be accepted thru Facebook,  GoFundMe, PayPal and USPS. Receipt for your monetary, material or food items will be document to you thru receipt.


*minimum $50 donation



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You We would like to hear from you! We have many volunteer opportunities and would also love to keep you up to date with what The Y.A.N.A. Organization has on calendar. You may reach us at: PHONE: (629)205-2470

EMAIL: theyanaorganization@theyanaorg.net

Hours of Operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.:



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